ah, obsessions

Today, a nice crisp ‘Campus Review’ (15 March 2006) bounced on my desk – well, sludged near my desk, to be more accurate. I was entertained to see a fellow obsessive had written a letter to the editor, moaning about yet another claim on originality being staked by Michael Moore. Michael, no, according to Professor Yoni Ryan, you didn’t first invent the term ‘distance education’. You may have first used it in 1963, true, but you didn’t invent it. So there.

A lexicographer at ANU found the term ‘distance education’ in the Treaty Establishing the European Community, Part Three, Title Xi, Chapter 3, Article 149 on Community action to encourage education, section 2, sixth dot point: ‘encouraging the development of distance education’. The date of the signature is 25 March, 1957.

So, Professor Ryan, Director CELTS, University of Canberra, writing on February 27, 2006: 1. Michael Moore: 0.

Obsessives. You gotta love ‘em. )


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