photomesa – good, free software

link to photomesaThis morning I came across some nice new (to me) software that provides the best thumbnail viewer I’ve seen. PhotoMesa. Here’s the blurb:

PhotoMesa is a zoomable image browser. It allows the user to view multiple directories of images in a zoomable environment, and uses a set of simple navigation mechanisms to move through the space of images. It also supports grouping of images by metadata available from the file system. It requires only a set of images on disk, and does not require the user to add any metadata, or manipulate the images at all before browsing, thus making it easy to get started with existing images.

Now when they say zoom, they mean ZOOM. As in over 1 million percent. Yes, 1 million percent. I stopped because I got bored. The thumbnails are clear, and it’s just a nice, easy to use, all round good system. Well done, programming team, well done indeed.

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