tea, mr shifter?

It has been something of a long day, as I’ve installed two new blog spaces. One for Marica, and a new blogspace for myself. I will be continuing to post here for the next few days, but eventually I will only be posting at marginalia.ako.net.nz – mostly because it is rather confusing being in two places at once.

It is not as though I have grown tired or annoyed with the edublogs hosting, anything but. James has done a genuinely superb job of managing the edublog hosting and if you are a starting-out blogger with a penchant for education you would be a fool not to get over to edublogs and get started.

After learning some of the ins-and-outs of WordPress and blogging in general I wanted to start to develop some wider expertise – perhaps to take the training wheels off, and explore some wider perspectives of blogging, including looking at designing some of our own templates.

One of the things I hadn’t quite taken into consideration was the effort it would take to move the entire blog over, nor how many posts nor how much I’d written. And mostly while writing my masters research up.

It just has to be time for a cup of tea!


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