somewhere your fingerprints remain…

The Best of Dire Straits and Mark KnopflerI was listening to Dire Straits at work today. There’s an irony there, no doubt about it. A lyric jumped out of one of the songs (One Every Street) at me: somewhere your fingerprints remain

I was intrigued and wondered how long fingerprints last. After some research I was surprised to learn a fingerprint on a porous surface e.g. wood can last at least 40 years. On a hard, non-porous surface, longer.

I thought that was rather romantic and that, yes, my fingerprints are remaining somewhere, scattered around the world. I wondered about Napoleon fingerprints. All of the people in history in the last century or so may well have their fingerprints retained, but inaccessible for the most part. Interesting.

And then I wondered about the fingerprint you leave when you don’t leave a fingerprint. A style. A phrase. A way of doing things that is uniquely you. If you’ve lost a loved one there often little aspects of them – memories to remind you of them – a fragrance, a song lyric, a certain light – and they’re back – from their fingerprints…

I’m feeling this is particularly true in blogging – I’m in the process of moving the content over to our web site. My blog will continue from

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