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The Zen of CSS Design : Visual Enlightenment for the Web (Voices That Matter)Yesterday, taking another crippling pile of books back to the library I made a decision that I was not going to read another book. I want to concentrate on writing my own book. I’ve also decided to stop bl*gg*ng here. I’m going to write here, and not mention the ‘b-word’ again.

The plan of not reading anymore pretty much went out the window when we got home to a sack (yes, a sack) of books from Amazon. Suddenly there was great excitement from all and we were into the sack to see what had arrived. I was delighted to receive a long awaited copy of ‘The Zen of CSS Design’. It’s a great book for people who have got a few clues as to how to make css work, and want some new ideas, hints, and tips. When I first got the book from the library I found myself saying – ‘I didn’t know you could do that with stylesheets.’ And I really wanted, in fact still want to, get much more experienced and adept at using css.

If you have so much as a passing interest in web graphics, and haven’t bought yourself a copy and used it to tease out some of the fine points of the beautiful pages at then I suggest you’re missing out on one of the great creative joys in life.

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