uneven service

I’m wrestling with moving our writing to the akonet server. Actually, moving the writing is the easy part. The hard part has been to get templates that a) work and b) look good. Many templates look good but are very hard to customise. And then the plugins don’t seem to fit or want to work.

Thus the working part is the part that has proven to be incredibly time consuming and frustrating. I’ve spent more time cutting code and being angry in that horrid brooding way that is so unpleasant for everyone, including me. Internalising frustrations caused by ‘technical glitches’ has become something I’ve become proficient at. I’m hating it.

I have managed to get the aquaculture space working pretty much how I want it, and so that’s now just needing time to populate it. Here has proven to be rather inconsistent as I’ve flittered from browser to browser to check the look and feel. There are bugs, and I apologise for that. I’ve given up and am working on a new template ‘off stage’ as the team at Disney would say.

I just want something like the real Mickey Mouse, works, looks good, distinctive in any langauage. Another work in progress…at least now I have had one goal for the year start to come true – learn more about php+mysql+css. Luckily the mysql part seems to just work – if that was dodgy it’d be just too much – when all I want to know about is what colour is going to work, and then get on with the writing.


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