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neon sculptures in post office square, near the wellington waterfront M and I really look forward to Good Friday every year and we’ve started a tradition about keeping it just for ourselves. It’s about the one day of the year we get to indulge ourselves in and it’s just great.

This year we managed to get a great walk in around the waterfront. One of the great things about living in Wellington is the beautiful waterfront, and the rich environment it provides. In Post Office Square, a new sculpture has been erected. By day it looks like a stainless steel pasta fork (some less charitable think it looks like a teasing comb for pubic hair!). It’s nothing very special by day, that’s for sure.

reflections of a ladder in the clear harbour waters, wellington waterfront But by night, the neon frizzes up and it’s suddenly rather more interesting. I love the reflections in the windows of the surrounding buildings. I didn’t see the magic of the sculpture by day, but by night – lovely.

The first time I saw the neon I was reminded of some photos I’d gathered earlier in the week of the reflections of a ladder under the bridge by the lagoon on the waterfront. The straight lines of the steel sides and rungs take on a new and more lyrical lifestyle flexing in the reflections.

I don’t know if there’s any deep and meaningful interpretation required for the sculpture – it has the shiny, reflective uprights and the flexing neon tubing – I was struck by the similarities to the water ripples. I’m also intrigued because the colours – particularly with the coppery coloured hotel behind, and the terracotta pavers that form the platform, really reinforce my view that cerulean blue and terracotta are colours that define Wellington.

The sculpture, by the way, is called: SkyBlues. It’s by internationally famous neon and other light forms artist, Bill Culbert.

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