the final frontier

This last formatting and page layout has been a seemingly never-ending round of test, fail, modify, and test again. And finally, tonight, I got the last plugin working (which it does, beautifully, it was just confused by my approach to page templates – not that surprising given the circumstances), and I can now settle down and start to write.

I’m not that good at the multi-tasking thing – I find the mind shift between creative (eg graphics/photos etc) and coding and writing (as in the storytelling here) is all a bit much for a mere mortal. Might be different if I was working with a geek to do the code work, but I’m the – well, I’m the one-stop geek/creative/writer. And to tell you the truth it feels pretty good, it’s that renaissance mindset – do lots of different things and try to get good at them.

So, writing is back on the agenda, along with more drawing. Welcome home.


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