design issues mostly resolved

It’s probably tacky to write about one’s own writing spaces, but I’m feeling very happy with the header images and general look and feel of the content at I’ve had a great deal of fun gathering the images – it’s been a challenge to capture content suggestive of aquaculture when there isn’t exactly a full strength salmon/tilapia/prawn/mussel farm next door.

There are fish in many of the images, mostly, I suspect young mullet, or perhaps smelt. The species count includes mullet, stingray, chiton, mussels, starfish, triplefins and spotties. Plus a fine selection of various algae. The birds are red billed gulls, black back gulls, and the white faced shag. Eventually every image will include a fish or an aquaculture vulture of some kind.

Here, I’ve had fun including some of the images I’ve gathered into the marginalia gift shop, and I’m in the process of creating content for an aquaculture gift shop as well. So many things to do, and so little time to do them. I notice we keep longer working hours on the weekend than we do during the week … we need to re-orientate our life and times so the working week is about rest ready for the weekend’s blitz.

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