Side Bar Soap Opera

Once upon a time, there was a far, far off land where most of the countryside was covered in fir trees. The fir trees covered the top of the hills and the bottom of the valleys. Some of the land was farmland, and the asparagus green grass glowed in the sun like a bright gem surrounded by the dark jade of the fir trees.

A rather strange man lived in this far off land. He spent his days planning more forests and his nights writing soap opera styled concrete poems. It was a desperate time and it showed in his writing. It was such a long time ago that the OC wasn’t on the television, even though television had been invented. Just.

Time passed and eventually the end of the century came and went, along with the mantra of the time: Why Decay? The man couldn’t understand Why Decay, so he concentrated on his poems, at least to a degree.

One day he looked up and found he’d finished his degree, the fir trees had given way to interesting yellow flowered bushes, and it seemed like his poems were long gone.

But not all, he found just one and he decided to share it once again with the whole world. In the side bar. And the whole world rejoiced.

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