color (it’s like colour, but with fewer vowels)

The Designer's Guide to Global Color Combinations: 750 Color Formulas in CMYK and RGB from Around the World - view product details at Amazon Lots of life has been attacking recently, and the color drains out of my life. I don’t know if other people feel or notice these things, but for me when I start to get a bit overwhelmed by the day-to-day grind colour starts to vanish out of my life. Truly, I don’t get the blues, I get the greys. The smudges. My world starts to dissolve into more muted tones. It’s a little bit like drawing with aquarelles and using a tad too much water and watching it wash down the sink. Yuck.

I have been enjoying the color schemes available at colorschemer. Some people have just the most beautiful sense of colour and I’m filled (greened) with envy. I’ve also been thoroughly enjoying Leslie Cabarga’s books on color combinations. The second, Global Color, includes RGB (web) colours and I’ve found some of the combinations really nice – makes me want to write a web page just to try them out. I found quite a cool web color picker the other day too – not too bad to test out ideas quickly.

And in doing so the colour comes back into my work. Which is how it should be. A day without drawing is a bad day. A day without bad drawing is a good day. Plus, there’s the daily photoshoots as well.

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