one million words later…

I started writing in this kind of space on August 1, 2005. I’d done some bits and bobs before, but nothing sustained. I usually tell people, “Yep, started writing way back at the dawn of August, nought five…” in my best codger voice. But today I realised something quite special. Blogpal, Mark Bernstein, has been commenting on his book pile. My wife, Marica, has been also writing on the topic of her book pile. Book piles are the new black. Sorry, Alison, it’s book piles. I’d done this rant in the car on the way to work this morning along the lines of: “I’m giving up on going to to the library, they’ll just have to try to make it alone.”

Imagine my mortification when I was busted by a phone call at lunchtime.

“Ah, where are you, darling?”

“Um, that would be the library.”

Laughter from the other end…

What is with cellphones, by the way? They’re not communication devices, they are merely location devices. I believe 99% of all cellphone conversations include “where are you?” messages. We never asked that in chat, we were always more concerned about “what are you wearing?”

macaw image from big break through of the day, then, is not my big book pile, and please, let’s not be making that a meme; but rather the realisation that yesterday at some point I broke throught the 75,000 word barrier. Here. In this writing space. My job is entirely about reading and writing – about 10% of my time writing, the balance, reading and eating bananas, carrots, and brazil nuts. Not unlike the macaw. Today, however, after some consideration I decided that for every word I write, I read at least 100. Conservatively 100. Probably more.

Since August 1, 2005 I’ve added 75,000 words here, I wrote my masters research up – approx 20,000 words, there’s my aquaculture e-zine, the Blog Hui site, and assortment of reports at work, at least 1,000 emails, and an assortment of web pages and various subsequent codes. I’ll be conservative, 100,000 words.

In nine months or so.

Long enough to gestate a baby.

Long enough to read a million words.

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