misty watercolour memories…

Most of the day has been spent producing some nice little watercolours. I’ve been inspired by artist pal, Trevor Romain. It’s been a real exploration as I’ve found some of the paintings I thought I’d like weren’t as successful as those I didn’t expect to work that well. I suppose life is like that – it’s the unexpected seed that throws the nicest flower, or the best fruit. It comes as no surprise that life imitates art. For me there’s also a sense of embarrassment that my art isn’t all that much like – let’s say Durer or Klee. After all, I’ve spent an entire three or four hours on it – I should be better by now. Some of it is growing on me, however, as the works dry, the colour changes. Maybe tomorrow in a more natural light I can add some final touches, a scuff or two. I’m along way from feeling confident about drawing in public – good grief – painting public would be just too much.

Thanks, Trevor, for the inspiration, I’ll keep working on the ideas. Practice is all it ever takes.

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