These are such uncertain times.

It’s probably always been uncertain times from the time the first proto-lung fish decided to party on, on shore. From there to the cellphone has only be a short step, although it’s unclear if it was a step forwards. Or backwards. I’ve been wondering recently about my place in these times and what to do to get the best out of the the present and the future. It’s not just me, of course, lots of people these days seem to be having a rough time, even when they have a job, an income, a home and all the apparently keys to a good life. It’s not just a lack of resources (although more would be cool), I think it’s a ‘where to from here’ thing, in these turbulent times. So, where to from here?

Simply by sailing in a new direction
You could enlarge the world

Allen Curnow’s poem Landfall in Unknown Seas, presents Abel Tasman, as an expander of horizons, which Tasman was – he expanded the body of existing knowledge.

Today marks a real crossroad for me, a crossroad arrived at as slowly as undue haste will allow. After reading a couple of million words and writing a few thousand words I was granted (and I gratefully accepted) my Master of Communications, due, in part, to my willingness to expand my horizon and in doing so, expand the body of existing knowledge. I’d like to think my contribution to this expansion will rattle the halls of the establishment, but I expect that is highly unlikely.

So, what did happen? I’d scanned the horizon, I’d identified those challenges I could, and made notes about the ones couldn’t identify but suspected might be there. And building from these, adding what I was learning, and with a bit of luck and some good winds I thought I might get part way into my study before the University realised their mistake and threw me out. Some things that I didn’t predict, when I sailed out on to the new sea back in 2000, required some innovative responses.

Marica and I as sparkling new MComms graduatesSince then I’ve had six roles in four full-time jobs. I’ve done completed facilitation of sustained dialogue for the Bioethics Council. I’ve taught two different night classes. I’ve taught part-time at Massey University. I’ve marked word processing and moderated other unit standard assessments. I’ve been to Australia four times. I organised and ran Blog Hui, NZ’s first international weblog conference. I’ve designed and coded a number of web sites. Made a few drawings and photographs. I think the best part has been meeting and marrying Marica. It’s nice to have a travelling buddy, instead of travelling alone all the time.

We met on the MComms course, and graduated together. Both with distinctions, which was probably a peacekeeping act for both of us. Marica has also documented her impressions of the graduation.

Mum and meMy mum said she didn’t think I’d ever get the degree done, but she was proud of both Marica’s and my efforts. It felt pretty good to have our families with us as we headed off for the graduation ceremony; and it feels good to have family with us as we look at whereto from here.

We have sailed across some new seas and our worlds have become enlarged. We’re very unlikely to leave our ships and come ashore now. Already I can hear Marica making plans, provisioning her ship for the next leg of the journey. So, while I’m not too sure whereto from here, but there’s nothing like a little exploring to make the blood race a little faster. I better go check my stores too, it looks like it won’t be too long before we start sailing in another new direction…

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