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This site is certified 40% EVIL by the GematriculatorI used to work with people who wanted to set up their own businesses. I enjoyed helping people learn some of the probing questions needed to decide if the business was viable of not. One of the people wanted to set up a business based on numerology. I told him I thought it was all pretty much bollocks, but tell me about it and then at least I can think it’s bollocks from an informed and non-biased position.

I was interested to find that my student could tell me some quite interesting things about my past life (no, not those lives as the fresh prince of cairo or whatever), and could tell me which years had been good and those not so. Interesting. I’ve also read the books with all the amazing predictions based on word combinations from the Bible, the Talmud, and, I suspect, a 1971 Ford Cortina manual. Then there were the books by the computer cryptologist who came up with other predictions. So it was fun to find the Gematriculator could do an assessment of this writing, and, oh good grief, only a 40% rating. Will the shame never end?

I am of the opinion that we only use 10% of our phone books. Apparently some people believe that’s true of the volume of brain cells that get used as well. That seems slightly far fetched to me. I mean, how could you measure the usage of brain cells by enough people to come up with a number so exactly 10%? Sounds like statistics from the fortune cookie school of xmas cracker quotes to me.


1. Mathematics is the language of nature
2. Everything around is can be represented and understood by numbers
3. If you graph the numbers of any system, patterns emerge


1. The cycling of disease epidemics
2. The wax and wan of caribou populations
3. Sunspot cycles
4. The rise and fall of the Nile River

Pi – the best movie $60,000 can make. Not a movie for everyone, but it worked for me. Get it on dvd, get your dvd wired up through your stereo. View it somewhere between three and four times. Because you can.

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