for the geeks amongst us…

Hello geeks (you know who you are).
Here’s a platform statshot from my blogs:

Marginalia   Aquaculture
Windows XP 346   Windows 98 523
Windows 188   Windows XP 422
Windows 2000 138   Windows 272
Mac 71   Windows 2000 203
Windows 98 14   Mac PowerPC 26
Linux 7   Mac 16
Mac s-HttpC 7   Linux 12
Windows NT 4   Mac XML-RPC 9
Mac XML-RPC 3   Windows NT 3

I’m not sure if ‘Windows’ means win3.1.1 (surely not), but what I think is most interesting is the huge number of Win98 in the aquaculture blog. My first guess was this is an indication of users from smaller economies not being able to afford the upgrade to XP. I don’t think that’s the case, because a huge percentage of the volume comes from the USA. Maybe XP isn’t as easily pirated backedup. Maybe the users are using older machines.

Who knows. I’ve always been interested in the server stats. I’ll be interested to see over a longer time period whether the OS wars will balance out, but I was surprised about the suggested socios. Maybe ‘windows’ means from a windows server.

At least, here in marginalia.ako, the most searched term (contrary to what it was in edublogs) is not ‘soft boiled eggs’. Don’t ask.

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