Fast, Cheap and Out of Control

Some days start strange. Some days are strange. Some days end strange. Today was one of them.

I feel slightly as though I’ve been stalked. Or at least, perhaps things are unfolding without me deliberately engaging.

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with making swickis – for example I made a gardening swicki.

The Millennium Whole Earth CatalogA few days ago I was in the city library and unexpectedly I found a copy of a Whole Earth catalog – a later edition than the one I have, in this case, Howard Rheingold was the editor, and Stewart Brand wrote the forward. Wow. So I had to at least have a quick scan. One of the the phrases that jumped out of the pages to me was ‘Fast, Cheap and Out of Control’. I didn’t know what that meant at the time, but I liked the phrase – so much that I wrote it down in my trusty note book. For no apparent reason.

Someone I know was having trouble with removing hair from their legs the other day. So this evening, I took the blade and wrote ‘Hi’ in on my left calf, to see if having smooth legs was all that difficult. It’s not. I mentioned that the day ended strange. Strange.

I got out of the shower, and got into bed – an early night with a check of my email before slumbers. I saw there had been some searches made with the urban gardener swicki. Someone had searched for jardinology. I know what a jardin is, but jardinology? Hmmm. I clicked on the link and found a link to jardinology, written by a lady – Jardine – in the UK. One of the topics in jardinology is about topiary – a subject quite near my own heart.

I was quite inspired to write about topiary – I have a little topiary, a lonicera, a simple ball design that lives in the conservatory. I have a much larger topiary developing in the garden, using rosemary and pineapple sage. This is a more ambitious design is planned – geometric shapes about 1.5 metres high overall. I don’t have any photos, and so I went looking for images on google.

image from www.sonypictures.comWhile looking I found a little video clip. It’s of George Mendonça, a topiary gardener, describing how he makes garden animals. Give George’s picture a click and you’ll go to the page with his clip on it. I started to write here, and then in a break in concentration, I checked the server logs, and found that Jardinology had also done a visit here today. I continued writing and was thinking about writing about how getting a hair cut is a kind of topiary of the body and I’d, um, groomed ‘Hi’ on my left leg, and I’m not sure what to think about that other than ‘strange’. Strange.

Some days end strange.

The little movie clip is from a larger documentary, by Errol Morris.

Called ‘Fast, Cheap and Out of Control’.

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