open season

Today, we – Marica, Zofia, and I – cruised downtown for some brunch – we settled at the Occidental. I was pretty excited because I saw kids at other tables were given paper and pencils while they were waiting for a meal. Fantastic. I asked the waitress if I could have some paper and pencils. She made some comment about if I my behaviour was good she’d see what she could do. Cool! I was really looking forward this – what a great idea! I don’t understand what it is with restaurants – at home I work on my writing, drawing, reading, watching tv or even preparing the meal, but when I go out for a meal, restaurants think I’m going to be content with their boring decor. I can draw and talk at the same time. I get bored waiting. So, imagine my disappointment when my meal arrived, but the paper and pencils didn’t. Crap! I was on my best behaviour too – I didn’t complain about my luke-warm latte after repeating to the waitress twice that I wanted it hot. As in “hot”, not as in “the temperature of the inside of a cow”.


image from www.brandsoftheworld.comAfter brunch we wandered along Lambton Quay. Today was the day that downtown Wellington shoe shops had a sale. Shoe hunting season. Wow – the very day we happened to be in town. What a coincidence! Who knew?

Who indeed.

After the third shoe shop, I got bored waiting, and I wandered off into a CD shop and listened to Samuel Flynn Scott’s latest offering – The Hunt Brings Us Life. I imagined I had an invisible neon sign floating over my head pointing down at me, pulsing, “Guy with wife shoe shopping”. I was entertained.

On leaving the shop I noted the profiles of the street was suddenly changed. There was a large population of men wandering aimlessly in the street. Desperate men. Bored men. Men with signs floating over their heads, pulsing, “Guy with wife shoe shopping”.

I was entertained.

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