room with a view

This evening, we enjoyed a great meal with Marcel, the man on a journey. Marcel lives in a very Wellington kind of house, nestled in a corner up in a valley, so surrounded by shrubbery that the neighbour’s houses are barely in view, but with astounding views across central Wellington and the Oriental Bay area of the harbour. I found myself in a comfy seat by the fire, looking across to Mount Victoria (it is Queen’s Birthday weekend after all) and watched the southerly roll in. Fantastic – a great place to watch the interactions of both oceans – the one fish live in and the one we live in. As the afternoon faded into night it became increasingly obvious that this was a great place for creative people to live and work … some days, when the weather waves are pounding on the land I can understand why people never want to leave here. Of course, the same waves make some people never want to live here. And in their cases, thank goodness for that.

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