Flash, I love you! But…

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And to think some people find the classic lines in this 1980 film to be shallow. I picked this essential viewing up over the weekend in a ‘biff-out bin’. It intrigues me that other people’s biff-out bin material is my first choice. Well, sometimes when it’s Suzanne Paul’s Blue Monkey, it’s just trash. Back to Flash Gordon. It’s cheesy and camp and accompanied musically by the high priests of cheesy camp, Queen. The story line’s about as flakey as newsprint from the 1930’s, with Brian Blessed cast as a giant, bearded oik who shouts a lot – i.e. a normal role for him, albeit with wings.

It’s an intergallactic romp, and great fun to watch – a kind of junk food binge after a protracted diet of D&M (deep and meaningful). I sometimes imagine that after the earth is destroyed (in just 14 hours time) the only thing left, spinning slowly in space, will be a copy of the dvd, waiting for some alien archaeologist to discover, decode, and interpret the civilisation levels of humanity.

They will be afraid.

naranjilla image from http://tomclothier.hort.net

To end on a horticultural note, I used to have a naranjilla plant, which I called Ming the Merciless. Tall, purple hairs, and check out those spikes. Yowser! Ming took a dynamic approach to being repotted, and was generally an interesting plant to have around. Sadly, Ming fell victim to a rather more merciless winter.

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