planet fall – land ho!


My Dear Wife,
I can’t believe how, after having been asleep for three years, I feel so tired. Our ship has gone into a stable orbit around the planet and plans are well underway for the first landing. It’s not without some nervousness, of course, I’m hoping the days of rain and cloud cover will not stifle the excitement I feel about being able to explore and discover new life forms – I expect them to be different and yet similar to what we have back home on earth.

The re-awakening process has gone well for me, others have not been so lucky, and other than some inital feelings of sea-sickness – an almost delicious irony given the circumstances – I’ve been able to get up, move around, and even take some gentle exercise in the gym. We’re fully supported by the AI and robotics, but even so, it’s nice to be feeling in some sort of control, and to be able to eat some solid food.

I’ve attached one of the first clear images from the scanners – you can see the cloud formations that have allowed Myco to become the home of the fascinating life that it has. I feel so lucky to have been able to come on this voyage. I’ll send what ever information I can gather. It’s strange to be sending you postcards from across time and space – at least this is genuinely from me, and not my AI working to keep us sane. I so wish you were with me. I miss you greatly, it felt awful waking and realising you were at home…


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