the shortest day

Sometime during today/tomorrow we’ll be as far from the sun as we can get. There’s a howling southerly outside, complete with all the audiovisuals. For dinner we had myop, a traditional Karori dish, wonderful at any time of the year. I’m in bed, it’s warm and snuggly, and I’m writing – life is good. I’m particularly pleased with some work I’ve been doing, which I intend releasing shortly over on our web site –

While completing my MComms I spent a great deal of time researching reflective practice in particular applied to how it might be used for improving the skills and expertise of people who are already at, or near, the peak of their profession. How does one get better when you’re already very, very good? Is there a limit? Does the law of diminishing returns kick in and does it get to the point where it’s simply not worth developing personal practice any further? I used to describe it as ‘getting gooderer’.

Oh the number of curled upper lips I’ve encountered when I mention the word, ‘gooderer’. The trouble is we don’t have a word that assumes we can go from good to great, in search of excellence, or whatever blather is spewing forth from the speaking circuit today. Teaching squirrels to fish, dancing with elephants and wolves, emus who care too much, and the mandrills who love them. The reality is, in our current climate, here in the dispersed city that is New Zealand, we don’t much care for people who are exceptionally good, and we certainly don’t want to do anything that might resemble work to achieve that.

What I’ve been working on is some tools and resources designed for people who want to do some practical work on developing their expertise, extend their creativity, or perhaps want to get unstuck from a deadend of some kind. I’m not very good at the flamboyant, showy, and ultimately ineffective model of personal development – most of the ‘send no money now’ hucksters are like fad diets – easy to buy into, but hard to stick with. In less than a month most people are back to their old ways – me too. That’s completely forgivable – not much point in blaming the victim. Personal development through reflective practice can be achieved in much the same way that successful – i.e. permanent, safe weight loss – can be achieved by reducing calorie intake and gently increasing exercise (calorie consumption) outputs.

So, with that in mind, the tools have been designed to help reduce ugly mind fat and help replace it with a svelte, active mind. Start now in winter so that when summer comes your mind will be a triumph – trim, taut, and terrific. Watch this space for the release news.

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