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This morning I awoke midway through a dream. I’m over alarm clocks, by the way. You probably are too. In the dream I watched a guy using a computer, but instead of a keyboard, he used a device called a ‘Handitand’. It was a wireless device, which could also be connected by USB in this case to a Mac. There were input options, not keys in the traditional keyboard approach, on both sides of the Handitand, and you use it more in the concept of a flute – i.e. with both hands wrapped around the device. Removes the RSI (does anyone get RSI any more?) options. The look of the device reminded me of my old slide rule case – about 300mm long, 15mm thick, say 50mm wide. And colour coordinated with the Mac, of course.

If you need to use a traditional keyboard you simply flip open the Handitand and there’s a keyboard, and other tools within. I was amazed at the speed the input was being achieved, and the guy gave the clear impression that the keyboard was not a frequently used option – hence it was on an ‘available as required’ basis.

Unfortunately I was unable to gather more details as the discovery process was interrupted by my phone announcing it was time to launch into what everyone else sees as the day. How much creativity gets lost this way every day day around the world? If you are a product developer and would like to get a look the drawings I made when I awoke, please feel free to make contact. Have your wallet and an intellectual property lawyer handi.

Who knows where these dreams come from? Probably too much lusting after the new mondo big iPods. Thinking how cool it’d be to hack an iPod with a keyboard so I can write without lugging more digitaldoobrees around with me. I believe there are a number of devices and ideas that found their foundations in dreams – the DNA helix for one. There’s bound to be others… Time for a nap I think…

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  1. kate

    Hi Lynsey,

    You might find this site interesting: Famous Dreams.


    “The Sewing Machine

    Elias Howe invented the sewing machine in 1845. He had the idea of a machine with a needle which would go through a piece of cloth but he couldn’t figure out exactly how it would work. He first tried using a needle that was pointed at both ends, with an eye in the middle, but it was a failure. Then one night he dreamt he was taken prisoner by a group of natives. They were dancing around him with spears. As he saw them move around him, he noticed that their spears all had holes near their tips. ”

    Many people have made something great of an object, tune or item they have dreamt of. Maybe you have stumbled upon something destined to be great?

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