feedback: breakfast of champions

In the last few days I’ve received some feedback about my writing here. I’m still getting used to the idea that people read here at all. It’s not that I mind, of course, it’s just I’m still not quite used to the reality of having people read my work. I like it, but it’s still new.

One reader informed me that they didn’t always understand what I write, but at least it’s short. Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind. I’m a bit of a fan of short but pithy myself. I don’t understand how, when I see the mountains of law books that proliferate in Wellington like maggots on a carcass, how come god managed with just 10 commandments. Perhaps law books should be carved in stone and they’d be shorter. Take two tablets and call me in the morning.

Another reader has suggested the final word in the good continuum should be ‘goodist’. I like it and I’m going with that then, the four step continuum of good, gooder, gooderer, and goodist. I’m liking it.

View product details about 'Writing Alone and With Others' at AmazonThanks, gentle readers, for your feedback. It is always quite a thrill when you’re moved to respond, and knowing what things you like helps my writing no end. I’m working my way through Pat Schneider’s Writing Alone and With Others. It’s a delicious book for writers, and in the absence of a good writing teacher, a good companion. Once I’ve had a chance to get my head around the contents a little more I think I’ll feedback to the feedbackers and see what interest there might be in the writing with others part of the idea.

One thought on “feedback: breakfast of champions

  1. indeterminacy

    You’re flooded with law books in Wellington? Must be the German immigrants writing them. 😉

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