guarded state

It was 8o when I got back from my lunchtime stroll along the waterfront. It must be the school holidays or something, because hardly anyone was there.

A small cadre of seagulls were braced like rugby forwards into the wind. I saw a young gull nearly blown over – he looked slightly silly and although the older gulls didn’t say anything, you could see the look on their faces – ‘kid’ and ‘dick’. It was really only cold in the wind – sheltered places were rare, but not unpleasant. How much of bad weather is in our minds? Even though the snow fall is the worst since the great storm of 1945. Which I don’t remember. Although you probably do.

View Garden State (the soundtrack)  cd details at Amazon I spent the day listening to the Garden State soundtrack. Over and over – quite a tribute to a cd, I believe, if you can listen to it more than twice in a row. Writer/director Zach Braff could give up his day job as an intern and create music compilations – he’s done a good job. Voices – I think Colin Hay (ex Men at Work) sounded wonderful, and the Shins managed at times to sound like Robert Smith (The Cure), which is creepy. Other voices reminded me of Annie Lennox. Who cares who the actual singers are? It’s the stories they tell that’s interesting. The cd is sufficiently consistent and smooth to be seamless through the day, while being varied enough to sustain my interest, again, throughout the day.

A cold day with people in black plastic bags leaning forwards. Not into the wind, admittedly. But they would’ve, if they’d had the chance. Happy 4th of July everyone, especially those who know why it can be the 4th of July but never 11th of September.

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