five messages

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You have five messages.
First message: 9:03

Hey – we got the tender, so I’m gonna get the hard drives. I’ll fire ‘em up, and tomorrow we can get Beowulf going. Call you later.

Second message: 10:37
Hey – good news. The guy asked why 30 drives. Told’im about Beowulf – and – he gave me some other drives and a box of crap – cool huh? I’m heading back now. Call you later.

Third message: 13:17
He-e-e-y, first set’s in, they’re all formatted. These other drives still have stuff on ‘em. I’m running utils – see if I can find anything cool. They’re ex some government something. Might be valuable – score some off-site backups – ha! Lee-aaterrr, dude.

Fourth message: 14:05
Hey, I’m freakin’ coming in – there’s weird shit on these drives – pictures and documents – it’s intense. You gotta see this shit right now!

Fifth message: 14:33
Hey – I’m in the car, got the drives and the box of crap. T-this is really bad – that shit on the drives – don’t think anyone was supposed to see – FUCK that was close! Guy nearly pushed me off the road – oh fuck he’s doing it again – pushing me off – he’s – oh fuck FUCK!!

Looks like his phone’s still on.

Whatever – get the drives – dump that crap, hurry up…

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