feeling down in the mouth…

Had an ‘interesting’ interlude with the Scottish dentist (och aye, laddie, I can save ‘ee one, but yee could be looking at two rrrrooot canals) … that was scary, I have to admit, but I did very quickly become fond of the way she said ‘rrrooot canals’… on the way back I was uplifted by the sooty black oak behind parliament. I assume it’s sooty because of the political smut oozing out of the building next door.

In spite of the ad lib weather lately, the oak has managed to figure out that the days are getting longer and the first bud burst is underway. Yay! Spring has sprung. I love the way the trees can detect the change in day length long before I do. I love the roar of Spring. I hope it’s really obvious this year. Bring it on!

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