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View The Piper at the Gates of Dawn details at AmazonIt seems like a hundred years ago from the time when this gawky kid sat in the front row in a seminar room of the old Wellington Polytech and listened, rapt, as a very much younger Ian Athfield reignited the kid’s dreams of design, architecture in particular. I remember with real delight that Ian was clear that plastic buckets were a reasonable solution to roof leaks, and the other, more wistfully, a number of members of Pink Floyd were architects. Who knew? My previous experience of architects hadn’t lead me to believe architects and creativity, of the order of Pink Floyd, were possible bedfellows.

I was saddened to read of Syd Barrett‘s passing – I finally got a chance to read some of the international comment today. I always feel sad when I read of a uniquely creative individual passing. It’s not as though they’re being replaced by such brainfarts as ‘Rock Star Supernova‘ – make it stop someone. It’s interesting to think that such astounding creativity found its own wings in The Piper at the Gates of Dawn in contrast to the inspid construct that will be supernova, which, given the sweaty thumbing of txts from around the world will create an instant celebs out of non-events.

The most interesting snip I discovered in my reading today is that, according to wikipedia, Johnny Depp has shown an interest in a biographical film based on Barrett’s life. I think Johnny Depp could pull it off. That’s a great idea, Johnny – my joy runneth over.

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