the lost tribes

I’ve been struggling lately to write here. Not because I suddenly can’t write any more, but because I haven’t been able to find the words the express how hateful I find the interaction between the lost tribes – Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and the rest of the neighbours squirming like worms on a hook. This distresses me – I look on the area as one of the cradles of civilisation. Today the cradles are blood spattered and there’s not much civilisation to be found. I’m really reminded of the old story about in the next war it won’t be decided by who’s right, but rather who’s left.

It’s all too big, too out of control, too crazy, too much money, too much oil, too many weapons of mass destruction in hands already using them. But as the two tribes try to score, all they end up doing is tearing the heart and souls out of the present and the generations to come. It’s just too endlessly stupid to be true. Is it religion? Is it blood? What is the excuse? The insanity goes back countless generations – nothing new there. What seems so stupid to me is, I can’t believe there hasn’t been the occasional inter-tribal nookie cross border relations. After all this time the mix has meant it’s become brother pitted against brother.

Thanks to modern dna testing it turns out one of the lost tribe tribes of Israel turns out to be the very staunchly Moslem, the Sunni Kurds. Yep, whilst wandering they gradually changed language, and changed religion, but it doesn’t matter, their dna speaks fluently across the generations.

No-one wants to live next to a mad dog, but bombing the entire neighbourhood back to the 19th century will only serve to till the soil and fertilise the beds for the next generation of zealots. Arab or Israeli.

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