ignis inextinctus

image from http://indeterminacy.blogspot.comCoelia had spent the last ten years as a teacher, before that, ten years in service, and before that, ten years in training. She could barely remember the years before that. Certainly, her hand-ground grain childhood had been transformed into an ostrich pâté, dormice stuffed with nuts, and fricassee of roses in pastry shells maturity. In all that time she had kept, true in her heart, a flame which could not be quenched – ignis inextinctus she called it, being true to the romantic that she was.

And now, after the years of waiting, Coelia could be free of the vestments of the refined living, she would finally be free to follow her heart’s desire.

In the fleeting moments, the throbbing silences, she made herself even more beautiful using the unguents and the colours available to her in that time, anointing her most secret pulses with rare fragrances from the East. Coelia donned her gown, and fixed the sacred ribbons in her hair like a bride. Her breath was uneven as her heart pounded with the excitement. The years of training coupled with the ever present burn of the flame, had honed her desire, her lust, her passion to an intoxicating frenzy that now, finally could be made manifest.

Quaking, she stepped forward, and a voice, animal with desire, called from the core of her heart – ‘I seize you, beloved.’

No woman, none, neither before nor since, has ever felt so sure about wallboard.

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