feel the fear…

One of the things I’ve come to be disturbed about in my life is the realisation that having worked for a number of years, and prior to that there was the school years, just how long – how many years – I’ve spent living in fear. Not because of the real and valid fear that business would change and I’d be out of a job or some such reality, but because some manager or employer would’ve had their hand smacked the night before or not had a meaningful motion or something and then on their petulent whim you find yourself in fear.

I hate that.

I don’t know whether this is emotional intelligence or quite what the gabble words are, but I find it amazing how often I’ve felt bullied and abused by my employers (for employer that could be my manager, rather than the employer itself). It’s an HR nightmare, and a scandalous waste of resources such as time and money. We train people up to be skilled, and then the management is so vile that the staff move on, long before the investment has a chance to show any return. I’m not an accountant, but it seems financially irresponsible to me. I’ve worked in places where the staff turn is greater than 30% – i.e. 100% of the staff/corporate knowledge base departs every three years. Strangely, nothing ever seems to be said to the management.

If I was involved (which I’m not) in the performance evaluation of management, staff turnover would be a key performance indicator. The reason why the rats leave the ship is because they’re closer to the water, and can see it happening before the captain does. And does a captain go down with their ship these days?

I’m afraid not. At least not often.

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