no sandwich, just the cheese

link to 88.4 The CheeseI slip below for a few days and when I surface I find people have been madly creating and working like wild things. I’m thrilled to see Grant has got 88.4 The Cheese up and running online. Online. Streaming radio. The best part, from my perspective, is hearing Grant doing the weather. Yay! Much better than those *urgh* yanqui voiceclips. Sound bites. Just urgh.

I’ve had a link in the Side Bar (the watering hole for friends of marginalia) for a while, but now, a download of Winamp Lite, (link from 88.4 The Cheese), a quick install, and boof – the job’s done. My previous experience of online radio has been limited to trying to find Scriarbin on ConcertFM. Connecting up with something rather more modern (but perhaps less avante garde) was effortlesss. Smooth, Mr Thoms, very smooth.

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