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I have been working on a commission lately and I always find it a challenge – more than that – I’ve never managed to successfully blend writing content, writing code, and creating art at the same time. It’s all or nothing. Betty Edwards writes about this in Color – the shift between left brain and right brain, and how the artist blending colours must make the shift back and forth while making discriminating choices between shades, tints, and tones.

On Saturday I did a runner from the arcane world of codes and web pages, off to a workshop Marcel was running on direct drawn screenprinting. Wellington was experiencing a legendary flow – not of an artistic kind, but of a rainfall kind, and the water flooding down the streets and into the gutters was astounding. My route to the venue was through the Aro Valley, and there were a number of small slips and land slumps – evidence that the land had more than had its fill of the rain.

At the workshop it was a very select group who’d braved the rain and the creativity was running as strong as the water. Marcel wasted no time in teaching – “Here, grab this, do that, give it a go, see what happens, the best stuff is random…”

Within minutes the first prints had been pulled and from there it was paper and colour and quick reflection followed by more works – by the end of play about four hours later we were all pretty drained – I’d produced a number of prints – in the end I’d gone past the idea of even direct drawn stencils, and was now working on screenprinting as an approach to monoprinting. I came away with some great raw materials for further enhancement by calligraphy – a very worthwhile experiment and learning exercise. Unpredictable results, and yet there was a measure of control – wonderful. One of the other participants produced some subtle yet richly coloured works that were just begging – at least to me – for some type and conversion into book covers. Very nice.

Screenprinting. A great way of spending a wet Saturday.

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