the big project – update

Way, way back, on August 4, to be precise, I wrote about how Marica and I are working on a big project and how we’d be out of the loop for a while. And we were, and are – working on the project – projects, more accurately. The first three have started to get some lift, and we expect them to each soar up like the proverbial celestial dragon.

First, I’ve added a full marginalia emporium, powered by the impressive and secure resources of Amazon. There’s also a link in the side bar. I’ve dug out some inspiring books and music to help stoke your creative fires, but if you think you need more (and more IS more), the entire spectrum of Amazon is a click away.

Secondly (but in no particular order) I’m beside myself with glee to have the AkoNet stable joined by none other than Trevor Romain (we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy). Trevor, Marica, and myself took some time out and came up with a design concept that we’re sure people will love. Trevor is planning on using the writing space to diversify from his present writing, with a “plan to share fiction, non-fiction, drawings, paintings, photographs, concepts and secrets”. Trevor Romain’s Thought Bubbles.

Finally (perhaps I should say ‘startingly’) – Marica and I have been reflecting on creating a more focussed education type e-zine, and we’ve made the launch today. It’s very much a work in progress, but, if you can’t wait to see the progress to date, it is worth seeking out. It is where the Akonet Team report on their explorations into the fields of learning, communication, and the social technologies facilitating these collaborative pursuits. We’ve got great things planned, including having a number of guest writers whom we’ve been approaching on the quiet. It’s all heady stuff and we’re very excited about the process and the fantastic results.

And there’s still more of the big projects to come. Stay tuned.

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