cut bait or catch fish?

I’m ‘out the back’ cutting code to bring some of Marica’s research to a new life on the web. Cutting code uses almost every brain cell I’ve got – in this instance I’m working to recreate much of the ‘look and feel’ of the print document on web pages, including the typographic and structural conventions such as italics and footnotes; all while preserving our house style, the interface, the useability and more and more… I find I am unable to make the switch from writing content (i.e. here), cutting code (i.e. html) and creating aethetics (i.e. the images and look and feel) very easily. With the last three brain cells left for creative thinking I was amused to think of it as that ancient fishing mantra, ‘Are we/Am I here to cut bait or catch fish?’.

No bait, no fish. Coding continues…

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