turkey season

I’ve been away writing the code to enable Marica‘s research to be published on the AkoNet research pages. Not much in the way of spare brain cells to write here…

Speaking of not much in the way of spare brain cells, imagine my delight to come home to find our testbed blog space had been hacked. By an ‘ultra super-skilled haXOr’, clearly capable of taking down such a high profile site. Wow. The testbed blog. The one out-the-back where I try stuff out before running it here. It’s a test site to prototype and check the graphics and layouts. The haxuh called himself (or maybe herself – sadly, probably unlikely) Meatloaf or Meatlack or Muttluck or Metlack or something – Metlak? Regular readers will know how pro-war we are – Mudluck left us an anti-Bush, anti-war message, in grammatically unsound Turkish. You’re kidding, you put in an effort to hack us but somehow stringing a couple of words together in a meaningful way is beyond you?

Oh, by the sultan’s beard, Meatlick – how lame, how very lame.

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