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Ah, I like it best when things start to get back to normal. It’s beginning to feel like forever since I wrote here. I’ve been cutting the code for Marica’s research (sorry, still not finished – the target was six pages a day to get it finished by the end of September). I’ve also been rebuilding the Aquaculture E-zine which, due to a confused moment, I stuffed up the formating after the last update of the software. Oh yes, in a flash you can be catalysed to learn a whole lot of exciting new things. And I have learnt a great deal about displaying text on a css managed page. So much has been happening – I was there when spammed Stephen Downes (key keynote speaker at e-Fest 2006).

I attended WOW – World of Wearable Art, and hope to have some video of the parade here soon. Enjoy the a sneak preview from the show itself – probably the most impressive spectacle I’ve seen ever, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be near the front of the queue to get tickets next year. There’s also some talk about entering – if not the show – then at least the Excessive Accessories street parade. Hmmm – now last year there was the Wellington dragon, be-scaled with black umbrellas – very impressive… this year the giant hand bag with bizarre, huge sized botton cuds… next year, hmmm, thinking caps on!

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