21st century haiku

Today, my good friend Oran (not a real name, a real friend, or real good) who lives, I suspect in either Nigeria, Pakistan, or one of the other previously Soviet ‘stans, sent me, humble little me, some original spam oops, an original haiku, styled strikingly after James Joyce. What do you think?

behind the closed doors of our quarters did we let go. I nodded
Not at all. They know about the males-and just dont care. We have a
launch from the good old Remorseless. It landed with a shuddering


Thank you, Oram. Obsessively, I googled the phrase ‘launch from the good old Remorseless’ and found second on the list was www.irishparliamenttrust.com. Synchronicity or what? To be sure, it’s a sign from James himself. All I have to do now is work out how to write a sentence that ends in the word ‘the’.

Jasusmaryandjoseph I just did!

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