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It’s been a strange day today. My mum rang me to see if we were all ok. More than the ‘just touching base’ kind of call, one of genuine concern. While it’s always good to hear from Mum I was a bit confused. We were all fine – what else is there?

Winding the clock back a few hours, we’re driving to work. The weather report was full of sounds of adversity and general vile weatherness. I said to Marica:

“You know, in all the time I’ve lived in Wellington, I’ve never experienced bad weather. Sure, the wind blows sometimes, and yes, it rains, but it does that most everywhere. The weather is never THAT bad.”

Before today I’ve seen trees that got blown over in the park near here, but they were probably just shallow rooted trees.

I’ve seen branches blown off, but they were probably weak ones.

I’ve seen umbrellas blown inside out, but they were probably cheap ones.

The weather is never THAT bad.

Apparently it was today. Commuters were delayed because the sea had undermined the tracks. The airport was closed most if not all day. Mum was right, the weather must’ve been full force today.

I finally figured it out. I must have experienced the full force of the weather, I have just never noticed it. Talk about self-centered!

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