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I awoke this morning on the shoulders of a dream. That’s a bit unusual as I rarely remember dreaming at all. Today was different. Today, Eldon had given me the job of servicing the projectors in the Regent Theatre. Strangely, the projectors were downstairs, under the balcony seating area. I was on the phone talking to the supplier of the parts and there was so much noise I couldn’t get it clear that we needed the parts urgently. Eldon was philosophic – he didn’t think the time would be wasted at all. ‘Have a look at what Ian’s doing.’

Ian was working on setting wooden type, and had been printing some book plates, using engraved wooden blocks of pear wood. I was excited as I’ve always wanted to have go at printing using wooden block fonts, and even moreso at the opportunity of cutting my own designs. I felt good – that warm feeling all over – that my time was going to be creatively spent, and I was going to learn something here and that, and I, was valued.

The dream moved at this point and I found myself with a group of people – it might’ve been a picnic – I’m not sure the event. I was with strangers, but felt very comfortable. I was kidding around with a little girl – she was funny and we decided we would make some musical instruments together. Other people thought this was an idea and so a few of us got together a small ensemble of spontaneous music. Ian joined us with this funny bent metal harp, with what looked like fuse wire strings. I said to him, ‘You lyre’, and he laughed…

I gradually woke out of the dream and felt very refreshed. I’d like to have dreams like this more often. I wondered if I do, and I spend my sleeping hours printing and making music – no wonder I wake up feeling tired so often.

image from http://www.gemueseorchester.orgBy way of a side dish, the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra have released their second cd. If you’d like to hear an except from the Radetzky March – this was the march my school mates and I were marched into our classrooms each day after the morning assembly; or check out other tracks from their two cds. Try to imagine the richness of music formed…

…exclusively of vegetable-based instruments, although where necessary, additional kitchen utensils such as knives or mixers are employed. this creates an autonomous and totally novel type of sound which cannot be achieved with conventional musical instruments. marinated sound ideas and canned listening habits beg for expansion!

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