walk the walk

Today has seemed rather more turgid than usual – my list of things to do recently has been expanding faster than I can cross things off, and today – ah, today – everything gridlocked and log jammed together. The great discovery of the day was that I have a blind spot in one eye. But, it is the first of November, and there’s been some good news from friends around the world. Trevor Romain has been invited by the United Nations ‘Children and Armed Conflict’ division to go to the Congo to work with kids. I know this is an issue near and dear to Trevor’s heart – and conceptually I’m jealous of him – to visit the Congo sounds wonderful, and such a great recognition of his work. Actually, the Congo sounds a pretty scary place and so my jealousy has some clearly defined limits.

Marcel Baaijens has arrived safely in Slovakia and is starting to report on his experiences on the El Camino – his pilgramage to Santiago. 764 km is a long way to look at bones – there must be some other force in action here. Marcel is planning on reporting for the next 38 days, along with images and pastel drawings of his impressions. Maybe if I ran it I’d get the 38 days in faster. Can’t wait to read the next instalment.

So, two friends out doing great things, in interesting corners of the planet, and I have a mote in my eye. Just great. I cut my tongue on an envelope once…

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