last of the wild front ears

As a little update on the story of my adventures with my new iPod, Brian recommended I get Griffin Earthumps. I was initially a little surprised – Earth Humps? Should one be doing that with Mother Earth? Oh, du-uh, it’s Ear Thumps. Due to an unexpected turn of events I now have a set, and indeed, they are a good thing. Much more comfortable, once the initial shock is over, that the iPod standard speakers. I believe you could wear them under a crash helmet, which will be most useful if I ever have a midlife crisis, grow a mullet and get a Harley. More directly, I work in an open plan office, and I find it almost impossible to concentrate with the background noise. I can now overdose on Mozart and Gotan Project and life is good. Thanks, Brian, good call. And also, thanks Kate, for the kind offer. I’m a bit swamped at the moment, but I will follow up.

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