Tales from the Tao

View Tales from the Tao: Inspirational Teachings from the Great Taoist Masters product details at AmazonLurking in Dymocks a few weeks ago I was attracted to Tales by the graphic design work – beautifully set type, black and white photos, complemented by cinnabar red. I love that colour combination.

While reading the book – the stories are traditional or inspired by traditional tales – I wanted more pictures. Which is slightly crazy, because there are plenty of images. When I’d finished reading, I wanted fewer photos, and more stories. Ah – that Tao works in mysterious ways. I’ll be cherishing this book, and dipping into it for inspiration for a good long time to come.

In the world of knowledge;
Every day something new is added.
In pursuit of the Tao,
Every day something is let go.
Lao Tsu

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