the end of days

The last day of work is this strange fusion of ‘thank god it’s friday’ meets ‘thank god it’s the holidays’ meets ‘oh, horrors, the year has ended, and what exactly have I managed to achieve this year. Well, at least my dancing classes have started to pay off.

I find the last days before xmas rather draining – as though the year is rushing away – it’s all a bit sand through the hourglass of life stuff. My mood is rarely helped by watching well-meaning (hopefully) parents, locking into their own pre-xmas frenzy, torturing their children. I cringe at the looks on the kid’s tired, frustrated, and disappointed faces. It’s supposed to be fun, but from the looks of grim determination (with an undertone of fear) on the parents’ faces, knowing what it’s going to be like when the credit card bill comes in, ‘fun’ seems to be the last thing on peoples’ minds. I just look at the people and feel sad. Let it go, people, let it go. Don’t try to impress your way to success.

Folks, please, just stop with this insanity. Don’t buy more xmas crap. No one needs any part of that – perhaps a few retailers. There’s nothing wrong with retail, of course, but there’s no need to go broke yourself, or pay off for the next six months. How is that helpful for you or your children’s physical, spiritual, and economic health? I remember an early influence in my adult life, Neil Frank, explaining he uses ‘xmas’ to deal with the commercial side of christmas; prefering to keep Christ for Christmas. I found and still find, this strikes an accord with me. I can’t believe how many pc xmas cards there are around. It’s Christmas. Christ-mas. Stop with this watery seasonal bumpf – or, move to a more appropriate seasonal event such as Matariki.

Stop. Take a breath. Take a walk. Look at the sun rise, the sun set, the stars, the waves – any view of nature. Stop the ego war, it’s not as though it’s in any way important in the grand scheme, or even in any of the minor schemes. Just reach out to family and friends, and really connect.

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