reasons to be grateful, 2006

Another year of full employment has meant we have had food on the table, gas in the tank, electricity and gas in the lines, books on the shelves, and music in the air. We’ve had laughs and tears, sure; but not many fears – life probably doesn’t get much better than this. We’ve been able to take advantage of some fantastic opportunities, renewed friendships with long-time friends, and made some fantastic new friends – some scattered across the planet. We’ve been able to skype and chat and carry on as though the planet was more like a backyard than some huge distance – genuinely just like magic.

The year that was:

Most petulant frenzy – when I couldn’t get black earphones for a black iPod.
Most proud moment – when Marica and I both graduated together with an MComms with distinction, with our respective parents in the audience.
Most geriatric moment – watching Mick and some other geezers rock the stadium.
Most work, most fun – Blog Hui goes unconditional.
Most arty-farty moment – the World of Wearable Art awards.
Most unexpected event – meeting Trevor and Amiel Romain and discovering perhaps the nicest people on the planet.
Most perhaps-I-should’ve-paid-more-attention-class moment – dinner with Mark Bernstein – but because Mark’s just the best dinner company I’d love to do it again and again – hopefully before long (hint, hint).
Most gutting experience of the year – Art Compass closed.
Mostly fiction based on published research – Peter’s story.
Mostly fiction based on continued bad weather – the Myco diary
Finally, to my loyal readers and commenters – Kate, Bryan, Indie, and others; and to the blog friends whose work I read at least once a day (please feel free to write more) – thank you – you’ve helped make 2006 another wonderful year, another year to be grateful for.

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