Inarticulate Speech of the Heart

View Inarticulate Speech of the Heart product details at AmazonLast night Marica and I were making food for today, and finding some time just to enjoy each other’s company over a little antipasto. I’d slipped on Van Morrison’s Inarticulate Speech of the Heart cd – I think it represents some of his very best work. Track four is Celtic Swing – I suddenly remembered the video from years ago, and how my friend Terence also loved it. I was struck by the timing of what we were doing and the song – Terence pulled a late night, if not an all nighter, a few years ago. Christmas morning – the sun would’ve been coming up as his BMW purred across the last few kilometres of straights, home to Pauline and the kids.

A little later that morning I called my Mum. My sister was late coming home because there’d been a bad accident and the traffic had been diverted. I was chilled, and said, ‘Someone’s Christmas just got a whole lot worse.’ And although I didn’t know at the time who, I did have a premonition that I would know who it was.

I can’t imagine what went wrong in those last few moments – I just know that Terence was taken too soon.

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