still waiting for…

Summer – hell, even spring.
The new year to arrive – yes, I know it’s January 2, but it’s been a sludgy start.

Summarised from the Blog Critics web site, Fred Krone makes a good start for 2007:

1. Turn off the television.

2. Consume less news.

3. Enjoy your friends and/or family.

4. Exercise / play a sport / spend a lot of time outside.

5. Take a class. […] I was struck by Warren Buffet’s advice to young adults: “invest in yourself.”

6. Set a major goal for 2007.

7. Eat less fast food.

8. Buy fluorescent bulbs and plant some trees.

9. Create something.

10. What ever you do, don’t quit.

I’ve slashed Fred’s writing to bits (sorry Fred) but only because I really wanted to quote the entire meat under the ten crusts I’ve included here, and that wouldn’t be particularly fair. It’s really worth the read – I suppose because for once someone has written pretty much what I would’ve written, if I could’ve rubbed two brain cells together. Thanks Fred.

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