Meanwhile, on the other side of town, they were working through their book pile…adding book after book after book into their LibraryThing database. After several hours of intensive effort the database had swelled considerably. Well over 130 books were carefully, lovingly catalogued and tagged. They felt good – almost smug – proud of their efforts.

Turning, they looked back at the shelves that had so recently held their collection, and noticed that barely the first shelf had been cleared. ‘Oh good’, they thought, ‘only another five book cases to go’.

Neither was prepared to mention the other books they had hidden. Stashed. Not that they needed to, of course, these books were not an addiction. No. They could give them at any stage.

Any stage at all.

After they’d been catalogued, anyway.

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  1. lynsey Post author

    What we have found amazing – stunning given that LibraryThing claims to have 9 million books catalogued, is how many from our collection that are the first and only copies listed. At this point, at least 30% of our collection is in LibraryThing as a first time thing, and this isn’t including my extensive collection of elderly grimoires and Gutenberg bibles.

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