some, some, summertime

During the noon sun, there were mad dogs and Wellingtonians wandering around. Finally, after the longest winter in history, the sun has shone for about four or five days in a row. Apparently it’s always the way – as soon as the kids go back to school etc. Why let them have holidays? It’s not as though they have to help their parents with the harvest anymore. Given the sinking literacy levels amongst our youngsters, the rising rates of juvenile crime, the lack of harvesting, and the very attractive weather that apparently always happens when the kids go back to school, I can see no reason for holidays for anyone under the age of 18.

I could’ve spent hours watching the mullet jumping (for what I like to think is joy) in the lagoon, down on the waterfront. Sparkling in the sun. In truth, the fish were just practicing for X*air.

Yeah, Feb 9 and 10 – good luck Vodafone and X*air people.

Hmmm – no wonder the kids can’t read and write, they’re all down the waterfront jumping in the water. Despite this, I’m still excited by the mullet, and, like the nice lady on the little wharf at lunchtime, hoping that the stingray and the shoals of young mullet won’t be affected by all the fuss.

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