the end of the year

Best Friends - buy at AllPosters.comWe’re nearly there. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the new year – the year of the pig – the fire pig, no less – starts on the 18th.

This last year has been the year of the dog – again, the fire dog. It’s been a year where instead of me barking – there has been some barking on my part, most of the barking has been at me. That’s a change. Previous dog years have been pretty tough, we don’t always have an easy relationship – there’s all those fleas and shedding hair – and you should see what the dog brings…but this year I think I’ve finally been able to get alongside the dog in my life. If only it was a Bernese Mountain Dog. But it’s not. Nevertheless, we’re reconciling our differences, we’re getting there – and it’s all good.

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